Specialty Copper Cable Capabilities

Custom Cable was founded in 1980 as a contract manufacturer of specialty copper cable assemblies and as a result offers over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise. Custom Cable's end markets include a wide breadth of commercial, industrial, and DOD customers who rely on Custom Cable's diverse manufacturing and engineering expertise of interconnect specialty cables. Custom Cable provides component and assembly level engineering, design, and customer driven processes to maximize production efficiencies, minimize costs and time to market.


Markets Served

  • Defense / Aerospace
  • Mechanical
  • Electronics
  • Communications
  • Automation
  • Transportation
  • Medical

Our client reach and applications in the markets served above is well balanced including the following local and global applications:

  • Test Composite harnesses for air traffic testing
  • Discreet wire harnesses for DOT traffic control
  • Custom molded device and composite cable for flight simulators
  • Coaxial jumpers for DOD field communications device
  • D-Sub discreet cable harnesses for medical device alarms
  • Circular Milspec Assemblies

Capabilities & Tooling

  • Commercial & Military Grade Assemblies
  • Discrete Wire Harnesses
  • Custom Lacing
  • Solder Terminals
  • Solder Splicing/ Sleeves
  • Crimp & Insert
  • Optical Termini
  • Over Molding
  • Electrical Component Potting
  • Coaxial
  • Box Build & Panel Assembly
  • Braid Sleeving
  • 30 AWG to High Power Conductors
  • Custom Test Fixtures/ Boxes
  • Pneumatic Crimping (x5)
  • Automated Wire cutting (x2)
  • Automated Discrete Wire stripping (x4)
  • Automated Coaxial Cable Stripping (x3)
  • Automated Insulation Displacement (IDC) Terminators (x5)
  • K-Press (x5)
  • Stripper Crimper (x3)
  • Various Contact Applicators (x20)
  • Various Hand Tooling (x200+)
  • Precision Solder Stations (x15)
  • Solder Pot (x2)

OEM Materials & Supported

Custom Cable utilizes contact applicators for many of the below military grade connector manufacturers ranging from 1AWG - 32 AWG copper cable as well as small and large core optical fiber cable:

  • ITT Cannon
  • Amphenol Aerospace
  • Radiall
  • TE
  • DMC
  • Molex
  • 3M
  • Souriau
  • JST
  • Hirose
  • Belden
  • Alpha Wire
  • General Cable


  • Cirris Cable Analyzer Equipment
  • High Potential/ Resistance Testing
  • 0-4GHz VSWR Testing
  • Force Gauge Pull Testing
  • High Definition Optical Crimp/ Solder inspection
  • Temperature/ Humidity Chamber Testing
  • Harness Board Testing
  • Custom Requirements


  • Over 63 Years Combined (in house) Engineering Harness Experience
  • 3D Modeling/ AutoCAD Design
  • Build to Print
  • Calibration & Maintenance Schedules

Quality Certifications

  • IPC-WHAMA-620A Class II & III
  • ISO9001:2008


Custom Cable operates a world class production facility from its 37,700 sq/ft headquarters located in Tampa, Florida. Our domestic operations combined with superior global supply chain management, offer exceptional quality and quick turnaround required to ensure continued reliability and success.

Our extensive Engineering experience in OEM cable assembly manufacturing allows us to provide our clients with superior assistance in developing lasting solutions for their business. Research and development in the latest components, technologies, and manufacturing processes enables Custom Cable to quickly support the most difficult of design challenges.

Production standards and certifications including IPC/WHMA-A-620, ISO 9001:2008, TL9000, and ITAR drive a lean operation of multiple production lines and assembly shifts that can dynamically expand to meet any requirement.