Pre-terminated Multi-cable Assemblies / Fan Out Assemblies

Custom Cable's pre-terminated multi-cable assemblies are available in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor cable types. CCI custom builds each assembly, and carries inventory from all major cable suppliers. Pre-terminated cables provide better optical performance and reduce labor costs in the field.

MIC Products Include:

  • Trunk and riser distribution & micro distribution backbone cables
  • Cross-aisle connects and FDP cross connects
  • Fan-out cable assemblies
  • Fiber service laterals for customer premise tie-in
  • Fiber to the cell tower or backhaul equipment cabinets
  • Ruggedized assemblies for industrial or military use



  • Available in standard connector types:
    SC, SCA, LC, LCA,  FC, ST
  • Fiber counts up to 288
  • All factory terminations are 100% inspected and GR26 compliant
  • Available in cable types from any manufacturer
  • Available in riser or plenum rated cable jackets
  • Fiber build-outs/upjackets to specified length and diameter (900um, 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm)
  • Custom color furcations or boots for easy circuit identification
  • Epoxy potted transition trays for break-out protection
  • Pulling eyes, socks, or kits are available


  • Reduces cable waste, and labor time and costs in the field
  • Improves optical performance and longer connector life cycle
  • Ruggedized upjackets for increased durability
  • Custom manufactured for project specific requirements