Strategic Alignment with Supplier Driven Innovations

Custom Cable's diverse manufacturing capabilities, certifications, engineering resources, and direct relationships uniquely position Custom Cable as an industry leader. As a supply chain partner, Custom Cable has innovative tools that bring procurement, standards, engineering, and deployment teams together while reducing response time, lead times, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Good Supplier Relationship

  • Stage 1: Price Competitive
  • Stage 2: High Quality
  • Stage 3: Great Service

Strategic Supplier Relationship

  • Stage 4: Strategically Aligned
  • Stage 5: Mutual Benefits of Strategic Alignment

Stage 4 Partnership

  • Dedicated National Account Management Team
  • Regional Sales Engineering Support
  • Solution (not Product) Based Value Proposition
  • Standards and Sourcing Compliance
  • Deployment or Roll Out Material Logistics Support
  • Quick Turn: Next Day Orders Processing
  • Mission Critical Inventory Stocking Levels

Stage 5 Strategic Alignment

  • Outsourced Implementation of Technical and Procurement Processes
  • Maximize Communication Effectiveness
  • Virtual Outsourcing of Engineering and Design Concepts
  • Scale Network Designs, Best Practices and Standards Nationally
  • New Product Training, Evaluation and Resource Information
  • Trusted Partner Offering Logistics and Inventory Management Support
  • Effective Project Deployment and Completion
  • Customize Online Catalog - The Punchout Tool